It’s ok if WE kill you – we’re the good guys

Isn’t it bizarre how many people here think we in the west are the peacekeepers and peace-seekers.

I guess we who live here have been educated from birth to view almost any act of aggression initiated by us – the West -as somehow good, constructive, even generous and helpful. No matter how many people we kill, our media portrays us and our intentions as always peace-loving, always a force for progress and humanity. We bomb countries that have never threatened us and call our actions “humanitarian”. We are encouraged to see the territorial wars of aggression we start as “defensive wars” and to help us see ourselves as doves of peace we call our war departments “defence departments,” forgetting the west hasn’t fought a genuinely defensive war since 1945.

In a very real sense, our collective psyche is so deluded it’s bordering on insane. We don’t even seem to see our own naked hypocrisy any more. Or at least our leaders don’t, and our media doesn’t.

We – in the person of NATO – have currently consumed all of Europe, right up to Russia’s borders, and covered it with our missiles and our forces. “Defending” ourselves against – what? A single country. Capitalist like us. Democratic like us. A country we trade with and who has never expressed any ill-will or aggression toward us since the end of the Cold war. We are so nuts that we are currently talking about crushing its economy, isolating it, punishing it, maybe even launching a war on it.

And why? Because for the first time in twenty years it reacted to our endless encroachment into what was supposed to be neutral territory. For the first time in twenty years, when we pushed, it dared to push back.

We’re like some guy who’s spent twenty years being rude to his next door neighbour, stealing his lawn furniture, changing the property boundaries so his patio is now in our garden, while he tries to be polite and not notice and we keep telling him we don’t mean any harm. If one day he says “no, enough” and brings out a shotgun, we’d have to be insane to call him territorially aggressive wouldn’t we.


1 thought on “It’s ok if WE kill you – we’re the good guys

  1. That’s a bit blunt, I’m afraid. But this is it, in a nutshell.

    Two things, if I may.

    There’s no diplomacy for some time, and that’s why there are no politicians among Western statesmen&stateswomen. It became impossible for Western best and brightest to make it to the top, to become national decision-makers. Because it was possible to lie, trick or intimidate an opponent, or just stop listening and simply ignoring what opponent says. For the first time in many years none of that doesn’t work and the West has to use diplomacy. So if we – the world – survive this madness, we will see the rebirth of diplomacy, and in a decade Western leaders will be really leaders.

    Second one is on Ukraine in NATO. Russian counter missiles have a specialization – they can’ be used for assault, only to target enemy’s ballistic missiles, nothing more. That’s, simply put, a technical specification. Americans don’t have counter missiles the way we perceive them – they have multi-purpose missiles, which among other things can be used for defence, to bring down ballistic missiles. But they can be also used for assault – for hitting other targets, in the air or on the ground. That means, if Ukraine joins NATO, the flight time of NATO missiles will make counter launch impossible – they will hit our missiles before they are launched. That means – no retaliation possible. However crazy, insane, stupid this thinking is (nuclear winter will kill the rest anyway), but this is the kind of thinking among the military. They call these flight times a matter of national security. And they will never allow zero retaliation.

    Concluding, none of us will have a say on whether Ukraine will be in NATO or not. Simple as that. When military have a final say, they don’t listen to anybody. Sorry. ^_^


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