The Mouse that Might Blow Up the World

Weeeird developments in this ongoing soap.

Kerry still pumping out the same old threats and allegations. Giving up on Ukraine maybe and now vowing to “defend” every inch of NATO territory against that phantom Russian “aggression” no one sees but him. About as relevant and credible as a crazy old ‘Nam vet sitting on his stoop with a shot gun across his knees, seeing spooks in the bushes.

Power still doing her demon schoolmarm impression at the UN, absolute breathtaking lies pouring out of her in tones of tight-lipped moralising, as if she thinks Russia is the kid slouching at the back of her class refusing to hand his homework in on time.

Cherkin looking back at her as if he just can’t believe this is how America does high class diplomacy.

Meanwhile, back in Kiev, Turchynov finally admits he hasn’t got a clue any more and the Mayor says the army will be doing “military exercises” on the streets tonight ( Question: since when does an army do “exercises” in its capital city?).

The Defence minister , meanwhile, says err, excuse me – the army will NOT be doing military exercises in Kiev tonight.

Yats no doubt packs his suitcase and keeps his private plane on the runway, while putting out the good silver they haven’t already pawned, to greet this Austrian dude, who for some god knows what reason thinks now is a good time for an official visit.

In future episodes…

  • Will Kerry’s head finally explode?
  • Will Samantha Power actually use the words “see me after class”?
  • Will the “exercises” happen or not, and how much of Kiev will be left if they do?
  • Will Yats and Turch find the right flag in the flag cupboard?

Unmissable. This is The Mouse that Roared meets Dr. Strangelove


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