Canadian PM and Australian PM deliver IDENTICAL Speech on Iraq

This is comical, but it also raises a major question. Who wrote this speech and gave it to the two heads of state with the instructions “say this”? How much actual autonomy do our western leaders really have any more? Are they even more puppet-like than we currently imagine?


5 thoughts on “Canadian PM and Australian PM deliver IDENTICAL Speech on Iraq

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    oldie but goodie?


  2. Odessa 2/5/2014 is the most horrible thing I have seen recently. But this one is even more terrifying.


  3. How easy to write speeches that vary — unless these were very carefully prepared speeches that were embedded with lots of anchoring and programmed associations — a complex behavior program — that required specific wording to be effective — to complex and expensive to devise two different ones — so the same program-loaded speech was given by both

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  4. Incredible. Identical speeches…


  5. The horrifying reality of recycled throne speeches is contained in the reality of the horrifying entity called The Five Eyes + Israel. Not just speeches but the entire policy of the member states obviously come from the same clearing-house. From the total embrace of ‘austerity’ to ‘deregulation’ from ‘Nato expansionism’ to ‘exceptionalism’ changing a few words would be mere cosmetics.

    That the ‘Five Eyes’ are/is (thank you Snowden) the totalitarian superstate which contains the remains of the states which we knew as US/US/Aus/NZ/Canada is a great revelation. That the ‘+ Israel’ is the only entity that retains its former name may be due to the information in this link. Information is power and all the informatioin goes to Israel.

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