Canadian PM and Australian PM deliver IDENTICAL Speech on Iraq

5 thoughts on “Canadian PM and Australian PM deliver IDENTICAL Speech on Iraq”

  1. How easy to write speeches that vary — unless these were very carefully prepared speeches that were embedded with lots of anchoring and programmed associations — a complex behavior program — that required specific wording to be effective — to complex and expensive to devise two different ones — so the same program-loaded speech was given by both

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  2. The horrifying reality of recycled throne speeches is contained in the reality of the horrifying entity called The Five Eyes + Israel. Not just speeches but the entire policy of the member states obviously come from the same clearing-house. From the total embrace of ‘austerity’ to ‘deregulation’ from ‘Nato expansionism’ to ‘exceptionalism’ changing a few words would be mere cosmetics.

    That the ‘Five Eyes’ are/is (thank you Snowden) the totalitarian superstate which contains the remains of the states which we knew as US/US/Aus/NZ/Canada is a great revelation. That the ‘+ Israel’ is the only entity that retains its former name may be due to the information in this link. Information is power and all the informatioin goes to Israel.

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