What I tell you three times – is true

When are our glorious leaders going to realise that we can see they are naked?

They don’t control the information flow any more.The rise of the internet and the proliferation of alternative media has destroyed their hegemony over perceived truth.

Maybe the Ukraine debacle was the first major international crisis to make this fact undeniable for many of us. For the first time we’ve seen information overtaking the major actors in the drama, rendering the declarations redundant, easily falsifiable, even comic in their irrelevance.They are like puppeteers who don’t realise the audience is now watching them and not their jiggling marionettes. We observe their cavortings and their fakery, and they just keep right on, playing the old show out to the end, as if they were still invisible.

They just don’t get that uncensored reality is out there now and available to anyone with access to Youtube. We have seen the butchery at Odessa and we know who was responsible, and we know that the perps are neo-Nazis. And we know those neo-nazis got the nod (at very least) from Kiev. Which means they also got the nod from Washington and that the EU knows this and is saying nothing.

So, when these guys come on TV and talk about standing up for democracy, we know we are looking at people who are prepared to support nazism, if it translates into power for them an their friends. Their antics and hypocrisy are useless. Comical. We have seen the reality. The more they assert the contrary, the more ridiculous, almost irrelevant, they become. Having set the drama in motion, they are now sidelined from it in some sense by their inability to understand that they can’t control perception.

They do dimly realise this. They look at ratings and opinion polls and scratch their heads and wonder why they are losing the “information war.” And they are afraid, or at least uneasy, maybe sensing something coming, something that might sweep them and their psychopathic notions of world politics away. But their answer is to just do more of the same. As if, like the Bellman, they believe that telling the same lie three times will magically make everyone believe it’s true.


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