Writer. Web designer. Opinionated polemicist. Recently a “putinbot” according to a few rabid types on the Guardian CIF. Co-founder of Off-Guardian.org. I believe in the importance of thinking for yourself, even though it’s not cool right now, and fairly soon it might actually be illegal.

If you also value such things, feel free to stick around.  We’re a rarish breed and should probably form a club or something.

If you just feel like being rude, then don’t bother, that vacancy has been filled.

NB – reblogging doesn’t automatically = endorsement.

I believe in open discussion of all shades of opinion. Epithets like “conspiracy theory” are often used to close down valuable discussion. We have to refuse to be corralled by any such tactics. So, some things that can be labeled “conspiracy theory” will be discussed here. You don’t have to believe all or even part of an idea in order to consider it worthy of discussion. And sometimes, if we are willing to look, we can find truth where we least thought likely

If you don’t like this, the door is that way –>

peace and love to you all



2 thoughts on “About

  1. You too, huh!? My comments have been in ‘pre-moderation’ status for about a year.
    CiF? My arse!


  2. Tubularsock says that truth is an inside job. One believes what one “thinks” is true even if one is lying to oneself.


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